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CNG Vietnam strengthens Covid-19 prevention measures in the new situation, ensuring production and business activities

Since the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic has been complicated around the world, including Vietnam. Crude oil prices on the world market dropped seriously, creating a double crisis for the Oil and Gas industry in general and CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company (CNG VN) in particular with unprecedented difficulties and challenges. CNG VN has been proactively implementing synchronous and breakthrough solutions to achieve the dual goal of both protecting the health of workers and ensuring stable production and business activities.

Given the current outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Company continues to implement and strengthen disease prevention and control measures: reactivating the Covid-19 response plan that has been built and deployed from March 2020; ready to deploy personnel to work in Zone 0 (absolutely safe area) at key gas works, ensuring personnel for safe and continuous supply of gas to customers. Each employee is a soldier in this war, promoting self-discipline, high sense of responsibility, self-protection, community protection; strictly implement the instructions of the Ministry of Health, the regulations of the Company to effectively prevent epidemics and complete the assigned production and business tasks.

In the context of volatile world oil prices, with a tendency to fall deeply and spread of the disease has significantly affected production and business activities, CNG VN’s Leadership has directed and implemented drastic decisions such as cost-saving, effectively using all available resources, optimizing the operating parameters of production machinery and equipment, to maintain the reliability of the equipment, safety and stability for the company’s gas supply system; improve the quality and competitiveness of products and services provided; ensure production and business efficiency.

Accompanying customers and sharing common economic difficulties due to negative impact of the epidemic, CNG VN has worked and contacted customers to agree and implement appropriate, effective plans to improve customer satisfaction and bring added value to parties in the supply chain of CNG products.

In the 2020 journey ahead, there will be many difficulties & challenges, but it is believed that with the enthusiasm and efforts of the collective leadership, employees, with the cooperation and companionship of leaders at all levels, partners, customers, CNG Vietnam will unite and join hands with the whole country to repel the Covid-19 epidemic and complete the production and business goals in 2020, continue to build and develop the company sustainably, affirming its position as the leading CNG supplier in Vietnam.

Some measures to prevent Covid 19:

  • Check body temperature and disinfect hands before entering shift.
  • Disinfectant spray booth.
  • Disinfect means and working equipment.