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Energy conversion consulting

Building a low-carbon economy from clean - renewable energy

Clean industry has been changing the structure of the energy industry quite rapidly. According to studies, LNG is the gas with the least amount of waste after combustion, most of which is clean waste. LNG is considered as an alternative energy source for present and future globally


LNG gas overcomes all disadvantages of traditional fuels such as coal, gasoline, oil… Towards an industry that emits clean gas after burning into the environment. Energy development is associated with the implementation of international commitments on environmental protection and climate change combat.

CNG Vietnam with many years of experience in consulting customers and a deep understanding of the legal regulations related to energy

Consulting to convert energy from coal, oil (DO, FO) to using natural gas (CNG, LNG)

Support and advice on licenses, investment procedures, taxes and fees

Support consulting to find premises in industrial parks with planned gas station/pipeline system

15+ year

Claiming a role in the gas industry

Why choose CNG Vietnam

With more than 15 years of constant efforts to become a pioneer and leader in the gas industry, CNG Vietnam has a national stature, proud to be able to carry on its shoulders the mission of “Delivering clean energy to your doorstep”.

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