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Community support & development

Bringing sustainable values to the community and society

CNG Vietnam is well aware of its influence on the community and the sustainable development of society. We also understand that the success of a business will not simply be the revenue figures shown in the annual reports but also the outstanding and long-term values that the business builds. and make it available to everyone.

0 million tons
The amount of C02 has decreased
0 million
Planted tree
0 % national market share

Pioneering in the career of greening fuel

Share for a prosperous community

Well aware of the importance of promoting corporate social responsibility to the community, besides production and business activities, CNG Vietnam has been actively implementing many programs of social and welfare activities. festival.
CNG Vietnam actively participates in many charity activities such as: “My heart for you” program, building houses of gratitude, supporting flood compatriots, veterans’ association, contributing to oil and gas mutual fund, fund for the cause. younger generation,…
Through social welfare activities, CNG Vietnam wishes to spread more and more love and new energy, contributing to better living values for the community.

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