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CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company with “Supporting childre to school” for the school year 2019 – 2020

Being well aware of the role and importance in promoting corporate social responsibility to the community, besides production and business activities, CNG Vietnam has been actively implementing many social security programs. And “Supporting children to school” has become a meaningful annual activity, bringing great and timely encouragement to students before each new school year.

Main activities of “Supporting children to school” program

Book donation

At the beginning of the program, on 28 August 2019 with the attention and support from the Company’s Leadership, after a period of preparation, CNG Vietnam’s Youth Union in collaboration with Ba Ria – Vung Tau Provincial Youth Union organized the bookcase program “Expanding horizon” in 2019, donating nearly 1,000 books and bookcases to the following schools: Nguyen Hue Secondary School, Vo Truong Toan Secondary School (Chau Duc District); Quang Trung Secondary School, Hoa Hiep Secondary School (Xuyen Moc District).

This is an activity to arouse students’ passion for reading, thereby developing a reading culture to help them understand cultural and social values, form and develop communication skills, receive knowledge, form character for children. The program has selected famous and popular books in the fields of: Science, literature, art, history, psychology, skills, sex education appropriate to the age of the students.


On this occasion, CNG Vietnam’s Youth Union also presented 20 gifts and 20 scholarships to students with difficult circumstances to excel in their studies at Hoa Hiep Secondary School and Quang Trung Secondary School (Xuyen Moc District).

Following the above activities, on the occasion of new school year, on 5 September 2019, CNG Vietnam’s Youth Union cooperated with the Company’s Trade Union to organize the awarding of 40 scholarships and gifts to 40 excellent students with difficult circumstances at 02 schools in Phu My Town: Phan Dinh Phung Primary School (Song Xoai Commune) and Ly Thuong Kiet Primary School (Phuoc Hoa Commune).

With a series of activities “Supporting children to school”, CNG Vietnam wishes to contribute to instill the spirit of curiosity and cultivate knowledge for the young generation.

Some pictures at the programs