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CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company with "Spring Love 2018" program in Ca Mau

Spring, the season of resurrection, the season of faith and hope. When families all over the country are busy preparing themselves for a warm, full Tet reunion, when you have enough money to shop, have a place to home and have loved ones. Besides, somewhere in this society there are still many poor people struggling to make a living. Tet in their eyes is full of sadness.

Tet is the time when sharing is needed most of all, because this is the time when the difference between “Happiness” and “Unhappiness” is most obvious. Following the nation’s humanistic tradition of “Good leaves protect torn leaves”, with the attention, facilitation and enthusiastic support from the Company’s Leadership, on 27, 28 January 2018, CNG Vietnam’s Youth Union cooperated with Thien Tam Club to successfully organize the “Spring Love 2018” program in Nguyen Phich commune, U Minh district, Ca Mau province – a remote commune with extremely difficult circumstances.

The program has awarded 30 scholarships to students with extremely difficult circumstances who achieved high academic achievements, 220 Tet gifts for students of Trinh Minh Huong primary school and 220 gifts for households having a particularly difficult situation. During the program, the delegation also presented Trinh Minh Huong Primary School with a set of computers and projectors to serve the school’s teaching work.

Still knowing that we can’t help the poor people’s lives to be better just by doing charity because there are many causes of their poverty, while our efforts are limited. However, when receiving gifts and affection from CNG Vietnam’s employees, in the eyes of children and people with many difficulties here, joy, faith and hope were reflected in a warmer, happier springtime!

Pictures taken at the program: