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Celebrating the 29th anniversary of PV GAS’s establishment (20 September 1990 – 20 September 2019)

Dear all employees in the PV GAS family!

On the occasion of the 29th anniversary of establishment of PetroVietnam Gas Corporation (20 September 1990 – 20 September 2019), the first word, on behalf of the Party Committee, Board of Directors, Board of Management of PetroVietnam Gas Corporation, I would like to send to all employees in the family of PetroVietnam Gas Corporation – JSC (PV GAS) warm congratulations and most sincere feelings.

Throughout the construction and development, generations of PV GAS have worked diligently and creatively; creating solutions for gas energy unprecedented in Vietnam, confidently mastering the entire chain of construction, management and operation in the gas field. PV GAS has gradually become one of the leading companies in Vietnam’s Oil and Gas Industry in terms of revenue, profit and payment to State budget. For many consecutive years, PV GAS has completed/ exceeded the assigned plan. PV GAS has become the number 1 supplier of dry gas and LPG in Vietnam, contributing to ensuring national food and energy security, voted as the leading enterprise in the largest enterprises in Vietnam stock market, the most dynamic in Asia and the largest corporate income tax payer in Vietnam.

Solidarity is the strength to develop PV GAS

The success factor of PV GAS is the enthusiasm, dedication and creativity of the leadership and entire workforce. Understanding that, PV GAS always puts people at the center of its business philosophy, employees are the most valuable assets of the enterprise. PV GAS creates all the best conditions for employees to maximize their capacity, encouraging autonomy and independence in work. In addition, the success of PV GAS is also thanks to the direction and support of the Government, Ministries, and Vietnam Oil and Gas Group; cooperation and coordination of customers and partners. On the occasion of the establishment of PV Gas, on behalf of the Leadership, I would like to express my sincere and deep thanks to the Government, Ministries, Agencies, and Vietnam Oil and Gas Group; partners, customers and all employees in the great family of PV GAS.

Turning 30 years old, we must also look directly at constant worries, continue to warn: output of domestic gas fields is declining rapidly; new gas fields/sources are not timely added or output is small; current gas system needs more frequent maintenance and repair over many years of use, and operating, maintenance and repair costs are increasing; the number of equipment failures causing gas supply interruption or gas supply stop of the upstream side is increasing; regulations related to construction investment are too complicated, implementation faces many difficulties and obstacles affecting the progress of projects; new gas sources as well as new gas projects have high costs and great risks.

Leaders and representatives of PV GAS at other units

In order to continue to build and develop PV GAS stably in the coming time, worthy of wishes and beliefs of the previous generations, I call on all the Leadership and employees in the PV GAS family to continue uphold the tradition of the Hero unit, unite, join hands, enthusiastically emulate production labor, grasp the common spirit in implementing tasks with the theme “Brave – Solidarity – Innovation – Take action”, proactively implement synchronously solutions suitable to the conditions of each unit, in order to successfully implement the assigned plans and targets, contributing to successful implementation of the common development goal. proposed by Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and the Corporation in 2019 and the next period.

Once again on the 29th anniversary of PV GAS’s establishment, I would like to wish all PV GAS employees and their families good health, happiness and success. Wish PV GAS more success in production and business, growing stably and steadily!

Thank you very much!

Secretary of the Party Committee – Chairman of the Board of Directors

                                           Nguyen Sinh Khang

(Reference source: https://pvgas.com.vn)