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2021 Fire drill, Rescue rehearsal and Chemical Incident Response at CNG Phu My Branch

Accident, fire and explosion prevention, protection of property and human life safety are always the top and vital tasks for the gas industry, including the CNG distribution.

CNG is compressed at high pressure of 200 – 250 bars, the main ingredient is Methane accounting for 85%, the rest is Ethane, a small amount of propane, Butane. Because the gas is compressed at high pressure into specialized tank trucks and transported continuously to customers, there is a potential risk of leakage causing fire and explosion.

To be proactive in fire prevention and fighting and minimize the damage caused by fire and explosion, at 09:30 on 18 November 2021, CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company coordinated with the Fire Prevention, Firefighting and Rescue Police Department, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Provincial Police practice the Plan of Fire Fighting, Rescue and Chemical Incident Response for the year 2021 at Phu My Branch.

Participating in the training session were officers and soldiers of the Provincial Police Department of Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue and staff of the fire prevention and fighting team of Phu My Branch. The hypothetical fire situation is caused by fire of a CNG tank undergoing maintenance and repair at the workshop of Phu My Factory.

The fire fighting force conducts alarm operations, calls fire alarms and uses on-site fire fighting vehicles to perform initial fire fighting to prevent the fire from spreading, and to move tank trucks out of the fire area, evacuate employees to a safe gathering place, approach and take the victim to the medical area, conduct first aid. After receiving the fire alarm, Fire Prevention, Firefighting and Rescue Police Department dispatched 01 command vehicle, 02 specialized fire engines and 01 rescue vehicle with officers and soldiers to coordinate with the firefighting team quickly deploy fire fighting squads. After 15 minutes, the hypothetical fire was completely contained and extinguished.

At the end of the training session, leaders of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Provincial Police Department of Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue and leaders of CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company held an assessment, commenting and drawing lessons to improve the effectiveness of fire prevention and fighting work at the Company, as well as strengthen the cooperation in fire fighting work between firefighting team and professional fire fighting units.

The training session was completed in accordance with the proposed plan, ensuring the safety of people and vehicles, thereby consolidating knowledge and practicing skills in fire fighting and chemical incident response for the fire fighting team; at the same time, inspect and evaluate the ability to stand ready to respond, coordination between the Company’s team and professional firefighters in responding to fire incidents, chemical incidents and rescue.

Some pictures from the training session:

1. Opening meeting to agree on the implementation of the Drill Plan

Mr. Truong Manh Thang – Deputy Director of the Company announced the reason and gave a directing speech at the Drill

Mr. Tran Anh Linh – CC-CNCH-PC 07 Team Leader speaking at the Drill

2. Implementation of the Drill Plan: