1. Recruitment requirements:


  • Position: IT Specialist
  • Quantity: 02
  • Gender: Male
  • Time to start: March 2021 or until recruiting
  • Working place: Vung Tau City


2.  Recruitment conditions:


  • Being a dynamic, creative, healthy Vietnamese with professional qualifications suitable for the vacancy and high teamwork spirit.
  • Graduated from university with grade of Good or higher, majoring in IT; CCNA, MCSA Domain and Hosting certificates.
  • English: Good communication (equivalent to Toeic 600 and above);
  • Experience: At least 3 years of experience in IT Admin work, know how to write application software in languages ​​such as PHP, .NET with MySQL, MS SQL databases.


Other requirements:


  • Have knowledge of C# programming.
  • Understanding of e-commerce business.
  • Managing infrastructure and editing articles for the Company's Website.
  • Priority is given to candidates with experience in Website design and programming.


3.  Job description:


  • Responsible for the entire Information Technology system of the Company.
  • Research and master software products, technologies and solutions, proactively propose the application of new technologies.
  • Administration of the company's website, the company's dedicated application on the Web platform.
  • Administer and support computer users in the Company.
  • Manage and exploit the server system, telephone exchange and office equipment in the Company.
  • Other tasks assigned.


4. Compensation and benefits:

Income: Negotiable (from 18,000,000 VND to 28,000,000 VND/month depending on capacity).


  • Working in a professional environment with many opportunities for advancement and development.
  • Be proactive in work, propose solutions, listen to opinions, recognize initiatives that are well applied in production and business of the Company.
  • Fully enjoy social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance benefits as prescribed.
  • Periodic health check-up twice a year, high liability health insurance of PVI Care, support to buy voluntary retirement insurance.
  • The regime of giving birthday gifts, visiting filial piety, sickness, and support for annual vacation travel expenses.
  • Travel once a year or support money to travel by yourself.
  • Bonus regime on holidays, New Year, birthday of the Company, Corporation, traditional days of the Oil and Gas industry and many other regimes as prescribed.
  • Training:
  • Receive additional professional training (if required), regularly trained to update knowledge of legal documents and skills to serve the job.
  • The recruited person will be trained, supplemented with knowledge about domestic gas industry, participate in big gas projects and can be sent to train abroad.

5. Recruitment dossier includes:

  • Job application;
  • CV (in English and Vietnamese);
  • Autobiographical curriculum vitae (4-page form with photos and local authority’s certification);
  • Copies of degrees, certificates, transcripts (notarized);
  • Medical certificate from a hospital at the district level or higher (provided after interview);
  • 02 latest 4x6 photos.
  • Contacts and phone numbers.

6. Time and address for submission of documents:

  • Time to receive applications: from 5 March 2021 to the end of 15 March 2021
  • Dossier to be submitted to: Department of Organization and Administration, CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company - 7th Floor, No. 61B, 30/04 Street, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City or email to:
  • Phone: 02543.574.635/EXT: 33 (Ms. Phuong).

7. Notes:

  • Qualified candidates will be invited to participate in recruitment interviews;
  • Submitted documents are non-refundable.